Old House Blogs I Love

Everyone has a nose.

Everyone has an opinion too.

Some have great insight, perspective and information. Some just put themselves out there as the village idiot. But don’t worry: I’ve sleuthed the Internet for some like-minded, knowledgeable, historic-house-savvy blogs so you don’t have to. These bloggers hail from across the U.S. but some are based here in the Chicago area, too. We at Do You Speak Vintage have all your historic preservation bases covered from sea to shining sea to the shores of Lake Michigan. You’re welcome.

Like government, real estate and historic preservation can be very local, so let’s start there. Here are a few blogs that will either inform or entertain:

CURBED IconCurbed Chicago
A “one stop shop” for all your Chicago Real Estate needs. For Sale, For Rent, New construction, Development, and Historic Preservation news in Chicago. Not in Chicago? Check out Curbed’s other cities!

CIRCA Old Houses
One of my FAVORITE resources for historic homes for sale. Listed at all price points and all across the United States, CIRCA seriously showcases old homes. They also have tons of resources for Historic Preservation. Check out the houses listed for FREE!


The Chicago Neighborhoods
This designer shares his take on representing the various neighborhoods through great black and white graphics. His designs really speak to the neighborhoods and their character. Find your neighborhood and order his prints or shirts to have your own piece of Chicago.

Retro Renovation Icon
Retro Renovation
If you need help remodeling or renovating your mid-century home, this is the place to go! Wonderfully kitschy time capsule homes, pink kitchens, Jetson-style appliances and resources to find all things Retro.

old house dreams
Old House Dreams
Another “go to” site for old house listings. Interesting and unique old houses listed and described. Also, discussions about owning an old home and all that comes along with it.

Old Houses IconOld Houses.com
Another great resource to find historic homes for sale. The listings are provided and then archived so that the house can be enjoyed even after it is sold. Check out the Archive section for all the old houses you could ever want to see!

VV IconVivacious Victorian
Follow this couple’s adventures in Renovation and Restoration. They have tons of pictures, stories, and advice about renovating an old house yourself. Check out Super Cool Projects for some fun ideas!

Old Town HomeOld Town Home
A wonderful couple sharing their DIY trials and tribulations for their TWO historic home renovations. Check out their Projects & Tutorials to see how they were able to rehab their home DIY!

CraftsmanThe Craftsman Bungalow
This blog is a great resource for Craftsman architecture and design. The focus is on Landmark and Historic homes, especially early 20th century Arts & Crafts, Bungalows, and Craftsman styles. Check out the destinations page to see where you can find all these unique houses.

Hooked on HousesHooked on Houses
A great place to go if you love all things houses and real estate. Detailed blogs about whats happening in the housing market around the country. Got a thing for houses that appeared in movies, or better yet, celebrity’s homes? Hooked on Houses is your blog!

NTHPPreservation Nation | Stories
The nation’s #1 place to learn about historic preservation. Stories about preservation, houses, culture, and our country. Check out the Historic Bars section to see where you can raise a glass to history!

Preservation in PinkPreservation in Pink
A great, light-hearted blog about all things Historic Preservation. A great discussion of how buildings connect us to our cultural past, and why its important. From abandoned motel signs to historic bed and breakfasts, with coffee in hand, this blogger shows us the fun side of preservation.

Chicago Image Gate
Chicago Image Gate
A wonderful resource for professional Chicago photos. The map breaks the city up into neighborhoods, click on your neighborhood and see all the wonderful pictures associated. Better yet, all the images are for sale!

Vertical AccessVertical Access
The conservators, engineer, architects, and preservationists of Vertical Access utilize efficient, lightweight rigging systems and industrial rope access techniques to document and assess conditions of historic buildings all over the world. They are truly pioneers in the industry. Check out their blog to see the new and exciting things they are doing!

This blog provides information and resources for all things plaster. Learn about application techniques, history, and design styles all revolving around plaster.

MississippiPreservation in Mississippi
This blog documents buildings, houses, spaces, and even the history of people living in Mississippi. Stay up to date with the Mississippi preservation scene, as well as information about preservation around the country. Check out the 101 Places in Mississippi to see before you die!

Down the RoadDown the Road
Jim Grey discusses all things nostalgia, architecture, history and just about everything else in this insightful blog. Wonderful photographs and stories about the past and present, with a new post almost every day!

am cultureArchaeology and Material Culture
A wonderful narrative blog discussing consumer culture and archaeology. A great read for the social and academic minded!

Chicago Arch Blog Joyti.jpg
Chicago Architecture – Jyoti Srivastava
A wonderful blog FULL of pictures of Chicago’s great architecture. Documentation of many of Chicago’s Landmark Districts and important architecture. This is a great blog for the variety of images.

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