I speak VINTAGE!

Since the turn of the current century, I’ve specialized in vintage and historic properties.  Anyone who’s ever owned one of these grande dames knows that nothing is ever as easy as it seems, no matter how small the job.  Sometimes changing a light-bulb can turn into a week-long amateur investigation into the building’s aging electrical system.  Am I right?

I get it.  I love historic properties – renovating them, living in them, selling them, and helping people buy them. Vintage homes, their design, restoration and care require a specific language, knowledge, and understanding.  Marketing to the right buyer and demographic  for vintage homes is what I do.  And not to brag, but as an active member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, The Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust and Preservation Chicago, I’ve worked hard to maintain a high level of knowledge and continued education as it relates to historic properties and architectural preservation.

But for me, it’s not all memberships and formal training.  So much of the knowledge in this field is only gained through personal experience.  I’ve purchased and renovated a number of historic homes and vintage condos myself, and I know first hand how tricky it can be to take on an aging property.  Finding a cavalcade of qualified contractors, designers, architects, and landscapers that specialize in historic properties can be a tricky task, and for me, it certainly didn’t happen overnight.  Again, I get it.  And “getting it” – both through the industry connections I’ve developed and the restoration work I’ve done myself – is a building block of my business.

Vintage homes are perfect in their imperfection. They’ve been lived in, loved and endured through good and bad renovations. They bear the wisdom of their long years and bring comfort in their survival.  They remind us that troubles come and go, but life goes on.


Let’s mix it up.  Post a question or comment and see what comes back at you.  This is a great place to share your vintage home war stories so others can learn from your successes, challenges and…well, money pit mistakes.


The word “preservation” is bandied about all the time.  What, exactly is preservation and who does it?  Preservation priorities are high-profile, cross cutting issues of importance to the saving of historic places and the growth of the preservation movement in America.


Maybe you want to get involved in this preservation movement thing.  Or maybe you’ve purchased a vintage property that needs a lot of work that you can’t begin to do yourself.  What do you do? Who do you contact?  Our resources page provides a vetted list of professionals and organizations that dedicate their talent, time and expertise to the care, maintenance and management of vintage homes, properties and buildings.

This Just In!

Whatever’s newsworthy in the world of vintage homes, architecture, preservation and just plain interesting tidbits that will make you feel in the know. A building saved from demolition or a great new restaurant in an old warehouse, jail, or library. We’re all about diversity.

Let’s connect!

I’m always looking to link up with kindred spirits.  If you love historic homes, I’ll probably love what you’re posting out there on the World Wide Web.  Maybe you’ll enjoy my stuff, too.  Connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn, and let’s check each other out!


5 responses

  1. Hello Keith! Greetings from Ketchikan, Alaska. It was great to meet you last week in Spokane at the conference. Your blog is very funny- and truthful about the adventure of working with old houses. Let me know if you suddenly decide to by the Masonic Temple in Spokane – I can offer some architectural visions!

    Linda Millard

    • Linda-
      Thanks for the blog comments. Yeah, old houses are great…and horrible and comfortable, and annoying and on and on and on. Plenty of material to write about. That’s for sure! It was great meeting you and I regretted that I did not have your contact information later in the week. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in beautiful Spokane. Any experiences worth reporting? That Masonic building is one big animal to be tamed. Whew!


  2. Hey Keith!

    Great to connect…

    You have a great blog. Look forward to future reading. You should really consider involvement in, writing for, and connecting with the Historic Preservation Division, Chicago Historic Resources Survey, and/or Commission on Chicago Landmarks, you would be an asset and have much to offer.



  3. As a historic preservation professional in Miami, Florida, I really enjoy your blog…. but you need to blog more often!! LOL Not since October?? You’re slacking! Thanks for a fun read.

    • Point taken;) I really appreciate the note. You are absolutely right. I’m in my final semester of grad school (Historic Preservation) and working full time so time is precious. I have a few pieces in the works. Stay tuned.


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