Own an old house?  Want to buy an historic home? Think before you leap!  Vintage homes, their design, restoration and care require a specific language, knowledge and understanding.   Assembling qualified vintage contractors, designers, architects and landscapers to provide specialized skill sets did not simply happen overnight.  Below is a list of resources and qualified individuals/businesses that specialize in historic restoration, renovation and vintage home design.  If you have someone that you have used or know to be a great resource let me know.  More is more!

National Trust for Historic Preservation

The Society of Architectural Historians

American Institute of Architects | Chicago Chapter

Historic Chicago Bungalow Association

Chicago Contractors  & Builders:

Homescape Construction (serves primarily Chicago’s south side and suburbs)

David Porter | 773.934.0589 |

Stratum Builders  (Residential & Commercial)

312.752.6060 |

Dusan Menacinin (Masonry)

773.759.4448 |

Stonebridge Construction & Development

Matt Berenberg | 773.851.3004

Fortune Restoration Painting & Masonry

847.647.2500 |

True Colors Decorating & Painting

Mariusz Dolegiewicz | 847.720.4865

Superior Windows

847.475.6903 |

Chicago Architects:

Greene & Proppe Design, Inc.

Thom Green & Rick Proppe | (773) 271-1925 |

Darcy Bonner and Associates

Darcy Bonner | 312.853.3470 |

Dian Keehan

Dian Keehan | 847.869.4005

John A. Hagenah

John Hagenah | 847.784.1800

Michael Hershenson Architects

Michael Hershenson | 847.869.7700 |

Normandy Builders

Reg Marzec | 630.455.5600 |

Chicago Designers:

Christine’s Concepts in Design

Christine Cmejrek Zamec |773.935.0807 |

Janie Petkus Interiors

Janie Petkus |  630.325.3242 |

Leo Designs

Stephanie Wirth | 312.492.7700  |

No Place Like Home

Larry Zimmer | 312.938.9140 |

Pariscope Design

Madeline Roth | 630.251.0307 |


Jeff Shuler | 773.904.8604 |

Sean Michael Design

Sean Cowan |773.564.4161 |


 Jef Anderson | 708.366.1920 |

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