I Bought an Old House. H-E-L-P!

Happy New Year!brownstone

It’s been a busy season and DYSV is back on track. Holiday parties, family gatherings, long overdue get-togethers with friends, and office parties has spurred lots and lots of talk about all things old, vintage and historic – as far as homes and buildings go, anyway.     I have talked with so many friends, colleagues, and clients over the holidays about old houses, historic homes and vintage buildings and there has been an overwhelming similarity in experiences.   There are just too darn many buyers that did not know what kind of a jam they were getting themselves into – and that’s not right!  Let’s do a little something about that.

With that said, I guess it would be a good time to dial it back and talk about some basics about buying, living in, and caring for older homes and buildings.

As I have said all along, speaking vintage is a foreign tongue to many so, over the next few weeks, I will post some roadmaps to guide the way.  What makes a structure historically significant; what do you look for when considering buying historic homes or buildings?  What do you ask and what do you avoid?

Next up: Buying an Historic Home? :: What You Need to Know

Stay tuned!

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